F.B.I.’s Most Unwanted

I am going to blame my friends: Jacky, Mar and Alex for poisoning me with the obsession of the television series, The X-Files. This has been one of my summer favorites and still is to this day. I am so obsess that I find everything and anything X-Files. I am to the point where I am watching every episode and every season over and over again because I refuse to let go.

For those who don’t know what this show is… it is about two special agents of the F.B.I. by the name of Dana Scully (played by Gillian Anderson) and Fox Mulder (played by David Duchovny) who solve crimes that are deemed by the paranormal or extraterrestrial life. Agent Scully is known to be a skeptic and a scientist as to where, Agent Mulder is known to be a believer and a behavioral profiler. The true base of the show is the mythology of the extraterrestrials invading the planet and seeking the “truth.”

Yes, I am such a nerd… I know. This is why I don’t have boyfriend (and possibly because I am also an infant).

Anyways, I suggest this if you’re into what I am into because this is truly one of the best shows ever. Did I mention that it took place back in the 90’s? Because it did… you can tell by the graphics and technology. Ha-ha!

P.S. My all-time favorite character is Dana Scully because she is a sexy, bad-ass, skeptic and medical doctor. Just saying.


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