A Large Cup for Me Please!

As a college kid, I have dealt with more long nights than I have with mornings and I fear to always wonder how much longer I can take it… But thanks to my caffeine friend, I have been able to get through those rough hours of homework, studying, sorority events and also remembering to have some “me” time.

Honestly, at this point in life I find myself to probably be immune to coffee because one cup doesn’t do me as much justice and three cups of coffee. I must say… sorry, not sorry…

If coffee isn’t for you, I would say to always add a little kick to it! There’s so many unbelievable amounts of flavors that you can’t even taste the bitterness of coffee. Think about it… there’s pumpkin spice, cocoa, mocha, vanilla, hazelnut… I can go on if you want me to. A little cup won’t ruin your day, I promise.

I am an addict of coffee and I am proud.

Cheers to the holidays coming up 🙂


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