“Goodwill” Hunting

I used to be one that shops for everything name brand and expensive, but when you’re a college you have NO time for that, so that’s why my right-hand and go-to will always be Goodwill.

There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with bargain shopping (as long as you clean it ten 10,000 times), but it is a way of looking fashionable and still being able to ball on a budget. Let me tell you what the good finds are at Goodwill.

  1. Sweaters: You can’t go wrong with wearing grandpa sweaters especially for those upcoming cold nights. I love shopping towards the men’s sweaters section because to be honest, there is nothing good to really find in the women’s section. 
  2. Denim, Denim, Denim: The 90’s is most definitely making an amazing comeback and I am loving it. I was born in 1995, but I don’t care it’s the same thing. 
  3. Vests are the Best: It’s an easy accessory to throw on and I found this plaid vest from Goodwill and guess how much it was….? $2.99!!! I honestly wanted to cry, but didn’t. It was the best deal ever and it just came right in time for fall!

These are the top 3 items that is a go-to for this fall weather! But trust me, bargain shopping will make things a lot smoother for financial reasons!


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