DIY Bullet Journal

Bullet journals are honestly so expensive, but I want one so bad! 😥 But one day and some day I’ll be able to drop $40 on that!

So a simpler way in doing so is by creating my own! Instead, I spent $3 on a journal at Target rather than $40 ^.^ Yay me for bargain shopping and also shoutout to the dollar section at Target. With creating my own bullet journal, I feel like I am having way more fun than I should, but coloring and writing are honestly my two favorite things!

The pages that I have done so far are: 

• Disney movies I’ve seen

• A list of my favorite X-Files episodes

• A calendar of October and November 

• Grocery List

• Budget 

• etc.

Here’s a few starter points: 

  1. Buy a journal: It can be from anywhere: Target, Dollar Store, Walmart. It can also be any size you want. Just get creative with it. 
  2. Find your patience: If you want this to look as beautiful as you can imagine, be patient and have fun with it. 
  3. Get hella markers: The more colorful it is, the more fun it’ll be. Trust me.
  4. Look up templates: I didn’t know where to start either, so I just used Pinterest and the Googles. 
  5. Make it how you want to make it: It’s a journal! So write whatever your sweet heart desires. It can be from journal entries to a grocery list to miscellaneous ideas and so on. This is a way to express who you are. 

Remember: The best thing about a Bullet Journal is that it can be anything that you want it to be! 

Write away!


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