All I Want for Christmas Is..

COFFEE! So once upon a time, I had some cash left over and I thought I would spoil my dorm room a little bit. I took the liberty and started getting ready for Christmas and just because I skipped Thanksgiving, does not mean I forgot about it. Christmas time is the time where I’m at my happiest and no one can bring my mood down. 

Here are the top (5) shops to get your holiday gear: 

  1. Family Dollar: Poinsettas (fake, red)- $1, Christmas tree lights for your room- $3 and Nutcracker- $1.
  2. Dollar Store: Santa Claus Mug- $1 and Santa Claus hat- $1.
  3. Hobby Lobby: “Merry Christmas” block- $2.99, White/gold glass Christmas tree- $4.99, hot cocoa spoons- $5.99, Hot Cocoa Mug- $11.99 (discounted 50%= $6.99), copper spray paint- $5.99.
  4. Walmart: Mason jars- $1.99, red bowl- $1.99 and k-cups (don’t even get me started).
  5. Target: EVERYTHING from the dollar section (nuff said).



“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”


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