It’s Christmas Time

I hope you all didn’t miss  me too  much! It has been awhile and I apologize. After Thanksgiving break, everything sort of hit me all at once. Including my new age of ~21~! After a long year of waiting, the big day arrived and I must admit… I survived being 21 without having to puke my brains out or dealing with a nasty hangover.

Now that my weekend of fun was over, it rolled right into F I N A L S week. The week where one decides what is most important living or stu(dying). I’m pretty confident about my GPA, but at the same time it was slightly rough. The only classes that are getting me down is my ENG 338 (which is all about climate) and my ART 151 (the worst). There is always going to be those tough classes. Of course, it would be the ones that don’t hold my interest. But hey! Just a few more days and I can go home and work and be with family and friends for the holidays!

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out my “What Am I Thankful For…” blog!

Next week, I’ll be posting a blog of a dorm room tour. I am so excited about this and also look forward to my following blog post on a Holiday Haul and outfits 🙂



*Viewer’s discretion is advised*

Happy Holla-daze!


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