New Year’s Resolution

You know that good ole phrase every time a new year hits, “new year, new me.” Well, a cliche as it is… it’s true. Every year we are always trying to build ourselves to become a better version of where we started from. Though, the issue with this is that we never stick to our New Year’s Resolution. Let’s not kid ourselves, here. 2016 had it’s moments and to me, this last half of the year worked out in my favor quite well. I made a lot of great memories with people I never thought I’d see myself be around with and re-connecting with lost friendships.

Not only were friendships made and mended, but also opportunities opened for me and I couldn’t be any prouder of myself than I already am. I look forward to what 2017 will bring me.

A quick tribute to my favorite souls such as: Alan Rickman (Professor Snap from the Harry Potter series), Carrie Fisher (from the Star Wars series) and Debbie Reynolds (from Halloweentown). You will all be missed dearly.


Photo Credits: Slash Film


Photo Credits: Purple Clover

Here is my 2017 New Year’s Resolution:

1). Go on road trips with my sisters.

2). Go to ACEN (Anime Convention lol).

3). Watch Emma Watson’s Beauty and the Beast.

4). Find a boyfriend (lol! I know this sounds lame, but I have been single far too long and I would like to at least find someone for once).

5). Accomplish my main goal for Panhellenic.

6). Make more new friends ^.^

7). Go somewhere amazing for Spring Break.

8). Workout (always a good one*)

9). See Star Wars: Episode VIII

10). Achieve all of this 🙂

For once in my life, I have a lot to look forward to and hope for. I just hope that God is listening and can lend me a hand or two, here.

Hope everyone had a Happy New Year!


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