Where has the time gone?

I started classes on January 17th and it is now February 9th… literally… where has the time gone? Every day there is always something to do, but I’m loving every moment of it. I am being more positive, open-minded and focusing on myself.

Although, I am 16265253_10206425477195491_1773988966038315477_nstruggling trying to balance my life and my blog life. Blogging gives me a sense of peace. It takes me away from all the things that I am doing at school and that is all I need. Here a few things that I like to update you all on.

First things first, my best friend in the whole world Angel is engaged and asked me to be her bridesmaid a couple weeks ago! Long story short, she planned to surprise me at school and it was probably one of the greatest things she has ever done! Lol! I wish her and Charlie lots of love and happiness xoxo. I am so blessed to apart of your special day!16174651_10206462608403748_3004579409224126820_n

Next, I went to an amazing conference with my Panhellenic family and learned more than I intended on learning. All the information I gained will help my position as VP of Public Relations this year. I have so many great ideas and I look forward to sharing them with my Greek community (a lot of this sounded really cliche). Highlights of the conference were… free swag from Kotis, a Panhellenic ring, the Stroll Competition, our key not speakers: Alex Sheen, James Robilotta, KJ & Vince and learning about Circle of Sisterhood. For those of you that don’t know what Circle of Sisterhood is, it is an organization based upon raising money to send young children to school. Fun fact: $53 can sen16583300_1254053991326770_7765513892955947008_nd a young girl to school for a whole year including food, school supplies, etc. Talk about the little things that can make a great difference!

My favorite key note speaker of them all was Alex Sheen who created the movement, “Because I said I would.” This movement is for those to make promises and to keep those promises that we make. It relates so closely to Greek life because there are so many promises that we make that never follow through and that is what hits me home. Not only that, but I was touched by the stories that Alex shared. I probably cried like 1,000 times. And to the right, this is a promise that I made for myself. I hope you all can make promises as small as this or as great as the world can be.



Also, I took the liberty into getting some sweet Zoella products because she is my idol and I love her so much. Go to Feel Unique and check out Zoella Beauty! Trust me, it’s reasonably affordable and it’s hard to say no! Below is the original prices for these products, but I bought them on sale. It ranged between 50%-60% off, but it’s to their original pricing.


  • Notebook: $8 from Target
  • Zoella Beauty Wonder Hand Cream: $7.59
  • Zoella Beauty ‘Life is Sweet’ Beauty Bag: $8.28
  • Zoella Beauty ‘Hand on Heart’ Hand Sanitizer: $4.83


I know this is a lot to take in, but these are probably the major things that has happened to me in the past few weeks. College is a good time, especially with the right people 😉

“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever.” -Walt Disney


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