Dorm Room Tour 2017

Words cannot fathom how much I love Target and Hobby Lobby. How many of you love to just buy “stuff?” You know… just small things that are decorative and have no real purpose, but to help make your room look good. Yeah, well I have an addiction to that kind of thing and I am not ashamed of it.

I love decorating for fun. I love making my room look good and different because there is nothing wrong with change. All because I love the aesthetic of how my things are displayed. I cannot wait to graduate college and have a sweet apartment to myself and I can have all the “stuff” that I want.

Here is what my sorority-dorm-life looks like:

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to “Desk Goals.” I don’t know what it is, but I just love a sweet office space to do homework and blog on. I guess it’s one of my other aesthetics.


The theme that I’ve been aiming for lately is gold, rose gold and white. I haven’t completed the look, but I will soon-ish. More like next semester because there’s like a few months left of school. I’m not panicking or anything…

But anyways, here is my desk that I was able to build with all the furniture my school provided me. Everyone’s room is different and unique to their own comfort. This right here, is my main aesthetic.

Low key really obsessed with this work space because it has everything necessary to help me do well in school and to keep my life organized and in check. I’d like to thank Target, Pinterest and Hobby Lobby for making my work space look cute and comfortable. My goal is to have an office as wonderful as Zoella’s (click the link to see her odeskffice tour).

Here are a few things that I have on my sweet desk:

  • Hobby Lobby: Tray (copper-spray painted), gold-scaled glass cup for business cards and mason (copper-sprayed painted) for pencils/pens.
  • Target: Polka dot plate with Zoella Beauty products & rose gold lip balm.
  • Five Below: Fake succulent plant-pot.
  • Dollar store: Picture frame (Angel and I).

10/10 recommend Zoella Beauty products.

Desk 2.jpg




This is another part of my desk that I’m a bit obsessed with.


  • Target: Clipboard calendar (from dollar section) and gold/pink agenda.
  • Francesca’s: “Blogging Day” mug.
  • Mochi Things: Brown pouch for pens, pencils, etc.




This part of my desk is where my dry-erase board hangs. The way decor is probably my favorite because it shows a few of my favorite things in a nutshell.

  • “M” craft is made by my best friend C a.ka. Cora.
  • Frame is from the Dollar Store with a print of a coffee mug.
  • Gold clip with X-File print.
  • “Today is Your Day” art is from the Dollar Store.
  • “The Best is Yet to Come” rose gold sign is from Target.
  • “Pray Hardest When it’s Hardest to Pray” sign is from Hobby Lobby.
  • Gold clipboard with a modge podge pineapple (#craftyasheck)
  • Cloud shelf from Target’s dollar section with nail polish (colors: sparkly gold, matte black and shimmery maude) from Urban Outfitters.
  • Rose gold sunglasses from Charlotte Russe.
  • “Haute Mess” mug, a gift from my friend Courtland.
  • “Hello” block from Hobby Lobby.
  • Disney Tsum Tsum’s from Disney Store: Donald Duck and Mad Hatter.
  • Kitty stuff toy from Round 1 arcade (lol, i’m such a nerd).


Being a sorority girl, you find people who are just as crafty as you. All my crafts consist of all the things that I like or that I am. I love art so much and this is probably the best way to display it. I still got a year to go, so I better find more room for all of this lol.



I don’t have the best view of campus, but I do love when the sun is shining because that puts me in a great mood. On my windowsill are a few “trinkets” that I love and have meaning to me. One of my favorite things is the Pop! Figures of Agents Scully and Mulder because I freakin’ love the X-Files. 10/10 recommend watching this 90’s, sci-fy series on Netflix.

(Peep my How to Train Your Dragon build-a-bear, Toothless). He is so darn cute and this is such a great movie series, too! Another 10/10!


Stationery Shelf.jpg


When my addiction for stationery doesn’t get any worse… but it just did. Lol oops.

This is a grand mix of Hobby Lobby and Target all in one. Fun fact: my TV is literally the tiniest thing ever. My laptop screen is larger than that, but this is the only way I can watch ABC Family (I refuse to call it ‘Freeform’).

As much as I would love to say where everything is from… I just won’t because 1. I don’t remember where all of it is from.. 2. There is so much stuff and 3. You can just admire the aesthetic of it.




Last, but not least. My Keurig has my heart. I love coffee and tea that it probably runs through my veins more than blood. I would not be surprised if it is right now. But I just thought this looked cute.

I know I’m missing my closet, but um… it’s not put together at all right because I’m try to hang-dry things and also pack some stuff for spring break.

If you’re wondering where I’m going… I’m going home because money and because I’m not feeling something crazy this year haha! So I’ll be hanging out in the suburbs of Chicago with a few of my friends and simply relaxing on my own time. But I hope everyone else will have a safe and fun break! We all deserve whether we want to believe that or not.

Thanks for reading and have a sweet week!


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  1. Such a cute room! I love the window tassels. X


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