10 Things I Like About Me

Don’t you love the first day of school when your professors/teachers makes you introduce yourself and add a fun fact at the end? I sure as hell don’t… so I’m just going to diffuse the tension by naming a few of my attributes. Hopefully this post can score me a boyfriend…


  1. I am a Hufflepuff and I’m proud.
  2. Reading is fun, I swear.
  3. Coffee and tea keeps me sane.
  4. Am I the next Fitzgerald? I do like writing, but not for school ^.^
  5. Manatees and dolphins are my favorite animals ūüôā
  6. I am obsessed with everything and I mean everything Disney.
  7. When I grow up, I want to work for the FBI, so yes I love The X-Files.
  8. Don’t ask me, but I really love stationery (I am such a nerd, I swear).
  9. My dream home is Copenhagen, Denmark.
  10. To be honest, I enjoy being independent.

Understand the difference between self-love and self-hate. 

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